Become a Friend

If you pay £10 a month or more, you qualify as a ‘Friend of the Soil Association’. In addition to the usual benefits of membership, you will also receive additional personal reports twice a year on the work your extra support makes possible.

The special support that we receive from our Friends underpins three key areas of work: education, campaigns and local food programmes. Together they help us to engage with the public, transform food culture, and support 'planet friendly', local, seasonal and organic food.


Our award-winning Food for Life Partnership is transforming school meals and food culture in schools and hospitals, creating a new generation of active citizens.

We want every schoolchild under the age of 11 to have an opportunity to visit at least one of our 100 organic farms in our organic farm network in order to make the vital connections between the food they eat and where it comes from.


Our reports challenge the increasing industrialisation of farming and the fast food culture. They have been ahead of their time on a range of issues from antibiotics to school meals, from genetic engineering to foot and mouth disease.

Our aim is to create a policy climate where sustainable agriculture becomes the norm, both nationally and internationally.

Local Food

The Soil Association supports the development of local food through farmers’ markets, vegetable box schemes, food co-ops buying from local producers, and other projects which shorten the journey between farm and table.

Our staff throughout the UK offers direct support to local farmers, producers and organic businesses – as well as pioneering new ways to engage with citizens.

Become a Friend