Inspire Reiki - Reiki Treatments & Courses

Location: Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham
Soil Association members can upgrade a 1 hour Reiki treatment with Reiki teacher and practitioner- Shaun Mckeown to a 1.5 hour treatment at no extra cost.

Inspire ReikiShaun specialises in authentic traditional Japanese Reiki. Reiki is a system of natural healing that anyone can benefit from. Reiki is a special guided life energy. We live in a world of energy, eastern systems of medicine have always recognised and worked with this energy that flows though all life. The balanced free flow of this energy has long been believed to be the foundation of health and wellbeing. Reiki is believed to support the effective function of the body's natural healing and cleansing mechanisms and encourages a deep sense of relaxation, calmness, as well as emotional wellbeing. Many report reduced stress, improved sleep and a sense of feeling more energised after receiving Reiki Treatments. To find out more about how Reiki could help you, call Shaun on: 0773 140 598.

Inspire Reiki, 27 Roughley Farm Road, Sutton Coldfield B75 5TY
Tel. 07773 140 598

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