Soil Association members get 20% OFF our organic products: “Fiordifrutta” pure fruit spread and “Nocciolata” hazelnut & chocolate spread.

Exportiamo Ltd specialises in bringing the finest Italian brands to the UK. This promotion features the products of Italy’s No1 organic producer, Rigoni di Asiago: “Fiordifrutta” Italy’s favourite organic fruit spread, due to its delicious taste of fresh organic fruit. Each jar is packed with 1.5kg of sun-ripened organic fruit with no added sugar. “Nocciolata” organic hazelnut & chocolate spread that just melts in your mouth. Belnded over an entire day to ensure a creamy, smooth consistency.

Purchase on www.amazon.co.uk Enter code SOIL2011 at the checkout to qualify for 20% OFF + FREE Supersave DELIVERY.

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