Alara Wholefoods

Soil Association certifiedBuy one product, and get a free 7-day sample pack of other Alara cereals to try! Order through the website, then email with your name, address and discount code to get your free samples with your order. To get your discount code, email your Soil Association membership number to

AlaraAt the heart of our story is you and the environment. That's why we've devoted every year since 1975 to creating the tastiest muesli in a way that’s also kind to the Earth. From sourcing locally, to developing community edible-gardens. We hope that little things count. We’re proudly the first cereal company EVER to be Organic and Fair Trade certified, licensed by the Coeliac Society and Zero Waste.

Fancy delicious, sustainable luxury in the morning? Choosing our delicious breakfast cereal is one thing you can do to be a hero for the world and its inhabitants. It's healthy start that looks after tomorrow.

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