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I'm President because...

Monty Don... the Soil Association is working to change the way we farm, cook, eat and think about local food. It is a charity dedicated to promoting the connection between healthy soil, healthy people, healthy animals and a healthy planet. Over the past 50 years our knowledge, experience and skills in growing, preparing and eating good food have been deliberately abused in the name of commercial profits.

I yearn for food that belongs to, and is an important part of, a thriving and balanced society. Around the country there are tangible seeds of change with increasing numbers of people wanting a different relationship with their food. Thank you for joining our growing movement.

Monty Don

I'm a supporter because...

Helena, Essex... I care about the way our food is produced. Industrialised farming destroys biodiversity, leads to global warming, leaves dangerous chemicals in the food chain and forces animals to live in unnatural, cruel conditions. Organic farming is the only sustainable, natural and healthy way to produce food, and its practices enhance the health of the whole ecosystem.

Helena, Essex