Join us todayUK wildlife is in decline and we're looking for 1,000 Organic Wildlife Warriors to help us save it!

Image of barnWildlife is in decline and industrial farming practices are partly responsible. Organic farms, on the other hand, work with nature not against it. They are great for wildlife because:

  • Organic farming doesn't rely on harmful synthetic pesticides
  • Natural predators are encouraged by maintaining hedgerows and wide field margins
  • Mixed farming is encouraged, meaning there’s a diversity of plants and crops for wildlife to thrive on
  • Organic farmers use a greater diversity of crops over the years (in rotation) which keeps soil fertile and helps avoid the need for chemicals

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Together we can get UK wildlife back on its tiny feet.

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80% of Turtle Doves have been lost since 1995

75% of butterflies are in decline

Since the 1930s we’ve lost 97% of flower rich grassland

Once common species such as the skylark are now a rarity.


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