Working for you

As a campaigning and lobbying organisation, we aim to influence and change government policy. We also work to protect and promote the reputation of the organic movement by delivering positive and proactive public relations. Here is a short summary of some of the work we do on your behalf.

Lobbying governments and decision-makers

We provide a number of internationally-recognised policy advisors, advocates and campaigners to provide fact-based evidence and policy, and to lobby government and other decision-makers both in the UK, in Europe and internationally. Our campaigning and lobbying priorities are: Climate change, Sustainable diets, Challenging Organic Elitism, Food For Life, Nursery Food, Pesticides and GM.

Acting as the voice for the organic movement

We ensure maximum positive PR exposure when necessary to defend organic integrity, responding to all media enquiries through our Press Team, and promote organic principles, consumption and the benefits of organic systems. We provide expert response and have dedicated expert spokespeople, for example Peter Melchett.

Delivery of positive and proactive public relations

We run high-profile public and political campaigns centred on the benefits of organic systems and products, to enhance consumer understanding and to build political ‘critical mass’ around supporting organic. We do this to protect and enhance the reputation of organic production, principles and products.

Sponsorship and dissemination of research

We sponsor and support research into the benefits of organic food and organic production methods. We lead, co-ordinate, partner with, sponsor and publish important academic research to provide evidence-based policy, which supports issue-driven campaigns explaining the merits of organic systems and products.

Trade and marketing support

Here at the Soil Association, we've earned the respect of every industry in the sector - from farmer and manufacturer, to retailer and consumer. This puts us in the best place to help businesses reach new customers through our technical, trading and marketing support.