Visit an organic farm

Coleshill Organics, Oxfordshire

Coleshill Organics was started on a farm at Watchfield in 1995. From an initial two acres it has now grown to about sixteen acres in total. The box scheme now operates from the walled garden in Coleshill and field-scale vegetables are grown nearby. The business grew out of Pete and Sonia’s passion to provide local people with the highest quality fresh produce. Why not visit the farm to share their enthusiasm for truly flavoursome "real" food.

Organic growing in a historic walled garden

Coleshill Organics is situated in a Victorian walled garden on the National Trust’s Coleshill Estate. The enterprise provides a sustainable and traditional use for the site which provides an excellent site for growing top quality fruit and vegetables.

Vegetable box scheme and shop

Home grown vegetables picked from Coleshill gardens today are usually delivered the next day through the box scheme. Over 70 traditional varieties of vegetable, fruit and salad crop are selected for their flavour and taste. The shop is located within the walled garden at Coleshill selling a vegetables, fruit, eggs and a select range of organic groceries. The farm also sells produce at a farmers market in London.

Orchard and chickens

A new orchard has been planted using traditional apple varieties such as Discovery and Egrement Russet. The orchard is also home to 165 Black Rock and Maran laying hens. Chicken were historically a woodland bird so they are very happy free-ranging through the orchard.

Environmentally friendly

Coleshill Organics grow totally organic vegetables, regularly inspected by the Soil Association and using no GMO's. Organic farming supports much more wildlife than industrial farming and a range of beneficial insects such as ladybirds help control crop pests. Minimal packaging is used and the farm recycles and reuses all the vegetable boxes. The fresh and seasonal vegetables only travel from the garden to your door, not half way round the world and the van even uses using eco-friendly fuel.  

Arranging a visit   

You are welcome to visit Coleshill Organics. Schools and groups should contact the farm or the National Trust’s education officer at the Coleshill Estate office to arrange a visit. Opportunities for camping on the farm are also being considered. Summer: Weds 12.00 - 19.00, Thurs – Sat 09.00 – 19.00 Winter: Weds 12.00 – 16.00, Thurs – Sat 09.00 – 16.00  

How to get there   

By road: Coleshill village is situated between Faringon and Highworth. Coleshill Organics can be found south of the main road in the centre of the village.  
By bike: Find your route on the Sustrans website         

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