Visit an organic farm

Eastbrook Farm, Wiltshire

Eastbrook Farm is a 540 hectare mixed farm in the village of Bishopstone on the Wiltshire Downs. The farm has dairy and beef cattle, veal calves, pigs and sheep, cereals, pulses and vegetables.


Eastbrook is rightly proud of its outdoor saddleback pigs. Healthy and well looked after, they are the product of an enterprising organic system. The dairy herd enjoys stress-free conditions and cows are not given antibiotics routinely, but only when absolutely necessary. The animals are naturally robust, but when they need treatment the vet uses homeopathy. Eastbrook’s innovative calf house allows calves to be reared naturally, suckling from cows.


An unusual geographical feature on the farm is a dry valley. This was probably carved out in the ice age by a river rushing over frozen ground. Today, rain water seeps through the chalk, and there is no stream to be seen. In spring cowslips flower there, in summer bee orchids and quaking grass. Buzzards, sparrowhawks and kestrels swoop and hover above the valley. The farmland here is kept as pasture under a countryside scheme which looks after wildlife and lets people walk the valley. The Ridgeway national trail, an ancient track, crosses Eastbrook Farm on a high, open ridge of chalk downland. Native trees form a high hedge here, the flowers and fruit of blackthorn, hawthorn and elder bring colour to the hedge during spring, early summer and autumn.   

Arranging a visit   

Eastbrook’s circular trail is always open. Walks and talks for all kinds of groups can be arranged through the office.  

How to get there   

By bus: The 47 or 47A bus runs from Swindon and Lambourn, from Monday to Saturday.
By road: Leave the M4 at junction 15 from the west or juction 14 from the east. Take the A420 from Oxford. Take the A417/419 from Gloucester. Eastbrook can be found at the northern end of Bishopstone village.  
By bike: Find your route on the Sustrans website         

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