Visit an organic farm

Maes y Beran, Gwent

Maes Y Beran is a 60 hectare farm lying in a picturesque valley in the Black Mountains in Monmouthshire. The farm has Red Devon beef cattle, Welsh Mountain sheep, woodland and is rich in wildlife. Visit the farm to find out more…

Organic cattle

The Red Devon cattle (Ruby Reds) are one of our oldest native breeds, having their origins in Pre-Roman Celtic Britain. Since then they continued to prove a popular choice with farmers due to their docility, rapid maturity, hardiness, easy calving, and their ability to reach maturity on grass alone. It is indeed these qualities that makes them the ideal choice for an upland organic system such as ours. Our cattle spend the majority of the year out of doors, having a high heat tolerance (not so relevant in Wales) and a very thick and waterproof coat (very relevant!).

Organic sheep

The Welsh Mountain breed is well adapted to the often-harsh environmental conditions found here in the valley. The breeding cycle of the Welsh Mountain ewe means that our lamb is a seasonal delicacy, only available each year from August to March. Our lambs remain out-of-doors throughout the year, eating only home produced grass and hay with maybe a few sugar beet nuts in hard winter weather. As a result they are fit, healthy and naturally lean, as well as being full of flavours from the wild herbs on which they graze.


As part of our commitment to farming in harmony with the environment, we signed up to the Welsh agri-environmental scheme, known as Tir Gofal (meaning "care of the countryside"). Under this scheme we have reinstated almost a kilometre of hedgerows, dug two new ponds, planted stubble turnips to give a food source to overwintering birds, and have reverted several hectares of improved grassland to wildflower meadows. Otters, buzzards, horseshoe bats and barn owls can be found on the farm.

Farm visits

In addition a network of several kilometres of permissive access paths linking to public footpaths mean that the public are welcome to come and visit the farm. We also run a number of farm visits throughout the course of the year for schools, university classes, scout troops, disabled groups and the other interest groups. Feedback from these tours suggests that our visitors find the experience of being on a working farm extremely useful and interesting.  

How to get there   

From the A465 Abergavenny - Hereford road, take the minor road towards Llanthony and Llanthony Priory. As you near the village, Maes Y Beran can be found on the right hand side.  
By bike: Find your route on the Sustrans website         

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