Visit an organic farm

Mill Farm, Hampshire

Mill Farm is set in idyllic Hampshire countryside on the banks of the River Wey. The animals graze clover-rich pastures and traditional water meadows, surrounded by ancient woodland and hedgerows. Produce from this beautiful landscape is available in the farm shop located in the heart of the village. Visit the farm to find out how quality food is produced in harmony with the environment...

Organic cows

The farm has a herd of pedigree south Devon cows. Despite being Britain’s largest native breed, they are renowned for its docile temperament, making the cattle less prone to stress and helping to ensure the meat is ‘meltingly’ tender. Calves are reared in a family group until they are weaned and are fed almost exclusively on grass and clover. This gives the meat a special flavour that is wholly lacking from animals reared intensively on cereals. Research also shows that grass-reared beef includes high levels of omega-3 fatty acids which help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Organic sheep

The farm has two separate flocks of sheep: the locally native Wiltshire horn and the hardy black Welsh mountain sheep. The Wiltshire horn is distinctive in the fact that it naturally sheds its fleece so the sheep do not have to be sheared in the summer. Both flocks produce lamb which is available seasonally from November to April. The black Welsh mountain is especially favoured for its sweet, delicate flavour and tender meat.


Wildlife conservation is important and the farm has a wealth of bird and plant life. The farm is part of the countryside stewardship scheme which aims to restore and maintain hedgerows, field margins and the water meadows alongside the River Wey. Ragged robin, meadowsweet and large white willow trees can be found growing here, and if you’re lucky you may catch a glimpse of a kingfisher, heron or snipe. The surrounding ancient woodland include oak and chestnut with new copses being planted elsewhere.

Farm shop and direct sales

Produce is sold direct from the farm shop, open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The shop stocks local and organic foods, dairy produce, bread, meat and preserves. Mill Farm meat is also available from The Grapevine restaurant in Odiham and at farmers markets in local towns including Alton, Basingstoke, Winchester and Petersfield. The farm is also proud to supply several London restaurants, including the highly acclaimed River Café in Hammersmith and St. John’s Restaurant, Smithfield.

Visits and open days

You are welcome to visit the farm and we are happy to chat about the farm and our meat with customers. You can walk the farm trail whenever you wish (copies available from the farm shop) and special open days are also held. For help in arranging a school visit to farms in Hampshire, contact Jo Britton at Hampshire Country Learning or 01962 797368. The farm shop and trail is open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  

How to get there   

Mill Farm shop is situated in the centre of the village of Isington.  
By bike: Find your route on the Sustrans website         

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