Visit an organic farm

Newhouse Farm, Herefordshire

The September Organic Dairy is based at Newhouse Farm, a small dairy farm tenanted from the county council in the Welsh Marches. It makes the finest quality organic ice cream and prides itself on controlling the entire production process - from growing the grass for the cows to serving the ice cream direct to the public.

Organic cattle and chicken

The September Herd of pedigree friesians was built up over 26 years and was the foundation of September Organic Ice cream as a diversification enterprise, but sadly the entire milking herd was slaughtered out in a T.B outbreak in May 2003. It was a devastating experience and led to a complete rethink of the farms management. Hereford suckler cows have been introduced and a small flock of the local breed of Ryeland sheep have joined the farm. Our daughter Bridie runs the expanding organic poultry flock of laying hens; these provide the eggs for the ice cream enterprise which is run by our son and his wife at Weobley. The farm also has 100 warren laying hens which range freely in the paddocks.

Organic crops

Crops include oats, triticale (wheat x rye), potatoes, and carrots. In the pasture they also grow clover to add fertility by 'fixing' nitrogen from the air.

Wildlife conservation

The herd is managed under strict organic standards which minimise the farm’s impact on the environment. The farm borders Holywell Dingle, an ancient woodland owned by Herefordshire Wildlife Trust. Visitors can often see buzzards, herons, owls and bats on the farm.

Ice cream

September is the month of harvest, of mists and mellow fruitfulness, of nature’s bounty. By coincidence, it is also the month the farm made their first organic ice cream. The farm dairy makes over a dozen different flavours of organic ice cream - available from stores nationwide and the farm's own shop.

Visitors, holidays and farm shop

You will, of course find the eggs, the icecream, our homebred beef and lamb plus an assortment of local and organic delights in the Farm Shop!. Our Countrysole sustainable living project in the Stables Paddock is progressing well; please ask us about holidays in the bunk house and experience a lifestyle that has minimal environmental impact! The farm has a way-marked trail and schools and groups visits are welcome by arrangement. The shop and trail are open from 7am to 7pm every day except Christmas Day. 

How to get there   

By road: From the A438 Hereford-Brecon road, head towards Kington on the A4111. Go through Eardisley after about two miles, look out for the farm shop sign on the right. Follow this road for about a mile and the farm is on your right.  
By bike: Find your route on the Sustrans website         

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