Visit an organic farm

Pertwood Organic Farm, Wiltshire

Pertwood covers 750 hectares (ha) of downland on the edge of Salisbury Plain. The farm ranges from the Deverill Valley, where there is a deeper alluvial soil, up to the chalky downland which employs an arable rotation growing wheat, oats, rye, barley, triticale, peas and beans. Grazing by sheep and cattle provides fertility for the vegetable and arable rotations, and maintains the ancient downs.


Pertwood has one of the UK's largest flocks of Wiltshire horn sheep, which are well adapted to life on the downs. Cattle breeds include pedigree Welsh black and Hereford suckler cows. The farm is a 'closed' system - no animals are brought in from outside the farm. This maintains its high health status and means selective breeding can take place.

Conservation and archaeology

Careful management of the 175 ha of old downland pastures preserves the delicate wild flora. Milkwort and green-winged orchid are two of the rarer species found on the farm. The farm has planted over 25,000 trees and shrubs in the last decade. The farm is rich in archaeological sites including a Celtic field system dating from 3000BC, a long barrow, and a Roman road.


The Pertwood Organic Cereal Company - you may know Pertwood for its wheat free, organic breakfast cereal range which includes the popular and widely available Pertwood Organic Farm Fruit & Seed Muesli.

Other projects at Pertwood

The farm works with Elm Farm Research Centre in developing the latest organic research findings for farmers and professionals.

Arranging a visit

Guided tours are available for groups by arrangement. Please call the office for details or to arrange a suitable date.

How to get there

By train: To Warminster then by taxi (about £5).
By road: Pertwood Organic Farm is on the A350 between Warminster and Blandford. Heading south from Warminster, go through Longbridge Deverill. After about three miles, look for a ‘hidden dip’ sign. At the bottom, turn right into Lower Pertwood Farm drive and follow to the end.
By bike: Find your route on the Sustrans website

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