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Vine House Farm, Lincolnshire

Vine House Farm is situated in the heart of Deeping Fen, in south Lincolnshire. Intensively drained and farmed, the area does not readily spring to mind as wildlife-rich or a conservation area, yet our 690 hectares (1700 acres) of arable land teem with birds and other wildlife. Part of this success is due to converting 80 hectares (200 acres) to organic farming. Visit the farm to find out more…

Organic crops

Alarmed by the decrease in farmland birds I thought I should try organic farming. In 1998 I sowed my first crop of clover so that I could become organic in 2000. I have now over 200 acres converted to organic farming and grow wheat, potatoes, dwarf beans , courgettes, sweetcorn and linseed. The potatoes are a red variety and you will find them in Waitrose from November until March. The dwarf beans you will also find in Waitrose in August and September. The courgettes are sent to Marks and Spencer in July, August and September.


I am out on the farm at 5am every morning during the  summer to survey the birdlife on the farm. This process has enabled me to enhance the environment on my farm to make it as environmentally friendly as possible. For example, three spinneys have been planted to provide shelter for birds and nest boxes installed for barn owls - five pairs currently nest on the farm. Wildflower meadows across the middle of some fields are helping increase numbers of skylarks and meadow pipits. Redundant dykes are kept and some have been widened to encourage reed and sedge warblers.

Vine House Bird Foods

The farm runs a bird food business  and grows a range of non-organic seeds including millet, canary seed and sunflowers. The seeds are available by mail order or from the farm shop.

Farm shop, visits and open days

Organic vegetables, local produce and bird seed is available from the farm shop. The farm also runs a number of open days throughout the year and groups are welcome by appointment. Please visit the farm website for details.  

How to get there       

By bike: Find your route on the Sustrans website         

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