Visit an organic farm

Warriner School Farm, Oxfordshire

The Warriner School Farm is a mixed 16 hectare farm based at the Warriner School, a secondary comprehensive at Bloxham in Oxfordshire. A further 24 hectares are rented nearby. The farm is a purpose built educational resource. It provides a practical, relevant and realistic experience of farming, the rural environment and land use to students from Warriner and other schools. Visit to find out more about this innovative and increasingly rare school farm...

Dexter cattle and pigs

The farm owns 13 adult Dexters, the smallest breed of British cattle. They originated in south-west Ireland and they come in three basic colours: the commonest colour is black but there are also red and dun (a dull, brownish grey). The calves are reared for meat which is sold locally and to parents of children at the school. The farm also has five breeding sows (land race, pietrain and Tamworth) and a large-white boar.

Sheep and goats

The farm owns a flock of 98 breeding ewes and two rams which graze the organic pastures in rotation with the cattle. The ewe breeds consist of 30 Scotch half-breds, 48 Suffolk crosses and 20 mules. The farm also keeps six Anglo-Nubian nannies and one billy-goat. The farm houses them inside during the winter and lets them out to grass during the summer. The farm uses the sheep and goats for milking demonstrations to the school pupils and also visitors. They also use goat's milk for rearing orphan lambs and sometimes calves.

Crops and vintage machinery

Much of the land is grassland for grazing the livestock. This includes four ancient 'ridge and furrow' fields with beautiful wildflowers in the summer. The farm has planted a new woodland and is restoring hedgerows. There is also a collection of horse drawn vehicles, vintage machinery and agricultural implements to illustrate historical developments in agriculture and for students to use in restoration projects.

Farm visits and open day

The Warriner School Farm welcomes visits from other schools, community and pre-school groups. Introductory visits usually take a half day or less. These enable visitors to have a good look around the farm to see all the resources and facilities. Study visits can be half day or whole day visits, or an extended series of visits. The farm can plan study visits to meet a range of curriculum needs and can arrange special programmes, resources and activities. They hold an open day for the local community in the summer.  

How to get there   

By road: Heading out of Bloxham towards Banbury on the A361, turn right when you see the signs to The Warriner School. Report to reception on arrival.  
By bike: Find your route on the Sustrans website         

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