Visit an organic farm

Yatesbury House Farm, Wiltshire

Yatesbury Organic Farm is a 600 ha family farm, high on the Wiltshire downs near Avebury. Experience and tradition is combined with a deep-rooted belief that farming should work together with nature, not against it. The biodynamic methods we use are a key part of achieving sustainable, natural and quality food.


Our herd of pedigree Aberdeen Angus beef cattle is growing steadily from 6 heifers in 1996 to one hundred today. We also keep four Highland pets: Zebedee, Daisy, Dougle and Florence. Their welfare is paramount to us in the way we keep them and in the way we treat them. They are given neither routine antibiotics nor growth promoting drugs and, can you believe it, we even attend cow-psychology courses to make sure we understand and meet their needs and treat them with respect.


Here at Yatesbury we produce a variety of organic crops, all year round. The cultivated cereals at the farm are wheat, rye and field beans. Wheat and rye are mainly sold to Dove’s Farm near Hungerford, for processing into the famous Dove’s Farm organic flour. The field beans are sold as organic animal fodder for pigs, poultry and dairy cattle.

Wildlife and Honey

The farm has areas of woodland rich in bluebells and orchids. Deer, hares, buzzards and partridges can also be found. We are currently in the fourth year of a ten year plan to maintain and improve the environment in terms of planting and caring for hedges, meadows etc. The results are already visible on every corner of the farm. Colourful finches nest in the many hedgerows and butterflies and bees help with pollination. Some of the bees work hard to produce our delicious natural honey. Ladybirds help to keep pests at bay and owls and bats find shelter in our barns.

Arranging a visit

We are working to promote a thriving community, farm, village and beyond through employment, exchange, education and eating. We welcome school visits and private visits, please telephone to arrange a time.  

How to get there

The farm can be found in Yatesbury village, signposted from the A4 Avebury to Calne road.
By bike: Find your route on the Sustrans website

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