Make the most of organic beauty products

Our health and beauty expert Michelle Barrett has put together some top tips for people who want to switch to organic health and beauty. Here she shares some suggestions of where to find organic products, how to make the most of them and a few ideas for holding your very own home spa day.

Where to find them

  • Department stores often have health and beauty concessions with organic products on offer
  • Soil Association certified Neal’s Yard remedies have their own stores across the UK
  • Other high street stores such as Lush have some organic products on offer
  • You can buy direct from Soil Association certified companies online
  • Many health food stores stock health and beauty products
  • Look out for organic suppliers at festivals, shows and events
  • Some salons and spas also sell organic products
  • Check the website of your favourite companies to find stockists

How to make the most of organic products

  • Facial oils can be multi-functional and a little goes a long way. You can also use facial oil for cuticles and nails, or as a hand and foot moisturiser
  • Facial moisturisers and lotions can also be useful for hands and feet
  • All round body moisturisers are great for putting on hands and feet too
  • Hand cream can be a good hair serum. Try it on dry hair to keep frizz at bay or as a conditioner after shampooing
  • Try adding a tablespoon of organic oats to a table spoon of organic shower gel and mix together to make a great body exfoliator
  • Mixing organic moisturiser with foundation is a good way to get a natural look
  • Coconut oil and olive oil that you find in the kitchen can make good moisturisers. Try applying in the shower and rinse off to avoid making your clothes greasy

How to have your own organic spa day at home

Spa days are a great way to relax and pamper yourself. We’ve put together some ideas for how to create that spa feeling in your own home. Here is a basic structure for the day:

1. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Here are some recipe ideas from health and beauty experts:

2. Try some at home aromatherapy with your favourite smells and essential oils

Follow the links for ideas on how to use these in your spa day:

3. A home made foot spa can provide the ultimate relaxation

Soak your feet in hot water and add a heaped teaspoon of a foot soak or try fresh herbs or flowers.

Once your feet are warm use a foot or body scrub to rub over your feet. You can make your own scrub by adding sugar (raw cane sugar is best) or salt to a small amount of body wash. This can make a nice scrub for the rest of your body too.

Try some cuticle oil for cuticles or nails and or a foot balm or lotion to finish.

Find out more about keeping feet happy with ideas and information from these Soil Association certified companies:

4. Try a manicure at home

Soak your hands – either in a bowl of warm water or by wrapping them in warm wet towels.

Use a hand or body scrub or a pumice stone to remove any dead skin and rinse off.

Rub cuticle oil (or facial oil) into your nails and cuticles to give them a shine.

Finish by using a balm or moisturiser.

5. Full body treatment

Create your own steam room by putting a few drops of your favourite essential oil on the shower floor, or put a few drops in the bath for a relaxing soak.

Use a body scrub of your choice and rub all over.

Towel dry and finish with moisturiser or balm.

6. Facials

Steam your face over a bowl of boiling water, ideally with a few drops of essential oil and a towel over your head for the full steam effect.

Use a facial cleanser to remove any dirt, wipe away with a flannel or muslin cloth.

Spritz toner onto your face and finish with a moisturiser.

Soil Association certified Herbfarmacy and Pai Skincare have some great ideas for facial massage techniques:

If you want to further highlight your newly created radiance with some make up, have a look at these tips from Soil Association certified Essential Care and Neal’s Yard Remedies: