GM free

GM crops and ingredients are banned under organic standards. Choosing organic is an effective way to avoid GM in your diet.

The Soil Association campaigns against the use of genetically modified (GM) ingredients in human and animal food and on the commercial planting of GM crops in the UK. Although GM production is not allowed in the UK, over a million tonnes of GM crops are imported each year to feed non-organic pork, bacon, milk, cheese and other dairy products in our supermarkets.

Until there is a ban, then there must be tighter regulations governing the release of genetically engineered organisms into the environment and stringent regulations for clear and informative labelling which identifies the inclusion of all GM ingredients or derivatives in foods.

The Soil Association believes that the use of GM has no place in the production of safe and healthy food. Organic farming systems have been designed to produce food with care for human health, the environment and animal welfare. The use of genetically engineered crops is not compatible with this aim. This position is shared by the organic movement worldwide and the majority of the public.

As well as potential risks to wildlife and human health, GM technologies have consistently underperformed, despite claims from the biotech industry that they are necessary to meet the ‘perfect storm’ of climate change, resource depletion and a growing global population.