Baking tin release agents

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The Soil Association standards have included a requirement to use organic dusting flours and release agents for many years, however progress in developing organic release agents has been slow and none have come to market.

A feasibility study was done several years ago by the Soil Association to look into their development and a recent follow-up has confirmed their lack of availability. The Processing Standards Committee has agreed that we should continue to encourage manufacturers to produce organic release agents but that requiring licensees to use them was not realistic. The use of organic flour to dust tins was however, considered feasible.

The following amendments to the standard are recommended:

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Current 41.2.14
If you use the same tins or prover pockets for organic and non-organic products, you must:
• check them, before use for organic products, and reject those which have residues of non-organic products, and
• record how many you reject during these checks and keep the records for us to inspect, and
• use organic dusting flours and releasing agents for organic and non-organic products.

Note - you should use clearly marked baking tins and trays that are dedicated to organic

New 41.2.15
If you use the same tins or prover pockets for organic and non-organic products and you use dusting flours, these must be organic. Organic release agents should be used when possible.

Note – we invite representations from manufacturers of organic release agents by 2015, when we will review this standard. Please contact for more information or to get involved.