Packaging standards

Packaging plays a vital role in ensuring products reach us in the best possible condition. But at the end of its useful life, packaging becomes waste. UK households throw away an estimated 4.5 million tonnes of packaging waste each year.

Our packaging standards were developed in partnership with WRAP (the Waste and Resources Action Programme) and ensure that all Soil Association licensees, who package products, take into account the environmental impacts of their packaging as part of the organic certification process. So when you see our symbol you can be assured that the product not only meets the highest organic standards, but that the packaging also meets the best environmental practice.

What the standards mean

Our standards require packaging that minimises the direct and indirect environmental impact by:

  • minimising the amount of material used
  • maximising the amount of material that can be reused or recycled, and
  • using materials with recycled content where possible

Our licensees must be able to show at their inspection, that they have done this for each of the packaging types they use. They must review their packaging in the light of these rules at least every three years and be able to demonstrate that they have done this.