Aquaculture standards committee

The Aquaculture Standards Committee usually meets twice per year. We aim to have a wide and representative spread of appropriate expertise on the committee together with consumer and public interest representatives. The Aquaculture Standards Committee's remit is to develop and keep under review our aquaculture standards and to deal with any relevant issues referred to the committee from licensees, Soil Association members, the public or Soil Association Certification Ltd.

Current committee members and their expertise

  • Craig Burton: Sea Fish Industry Authority
  • Eric Edwards: Fisheries consultant
  • Phillip Gallimore: Licensee - fish feed mill
  • Martin Gill: Food Certification Scotland Ltd
  • Vera Heffernan: Irish Sea Fisheries Board
  • Jimmie Hepburn: Organic fish farming advisor
  • Andrew Lane: Licensee - shellfish farmer
  • David Little: The Institute of Aquaculture
  • Alex McInnes: Licensee - smoking and packing
  • John Roberts: Licensee - shellfish farmer
  • John Webster: Scottish Quality Salmon
  • Nigel Woodhouse: Chair, SA Council member

This page will be updated as changes to the aquaculture standards committee arise.