Information required : Soil Association Organic Food Awards 2013

Information required prior to entry

The information you will need to have ready for all product categories is as follows:

  • Full ingredients list (including any additives and processing aids)
  • Recommended retail price per kg or item
  • List of distribution outlets where the product is sold

Please also have the following additional information ready prior to making your entry so you can simply copy and paste the text into the online entry form:

  • Very briefly (in under 600 words), tell us how you go the extra mile, above and beyond organic certification standards, with this product, its packaging, production methods and any promotions, in the following areas:
    - Protecting the environment
    - Animal welfare
    - Promoting health
    - Serving the community

For a few categories, there is some further specific information to be submitted. Please refer to category table below for details. Please note for fresh products, you have the option to provide this information at a later date if necessary.

Please feel free to tell us more about your livestock farming and what makes it special in the additional information section of the form.

Category Specific information required for entry

Fruit and Vegetables

Variety and where the product is grown

Meat and Fish

Beef, Lamb and Pork

- Breed
- Hanging time
- Date of slaughter
- Age at slaughter
- Feeds used


As Beef, Lamb and Pork (above), with the addition of:
- Number of birds per house
- Size of flock
- Housing (mobile or fixed)


Cheese and other dairy

- Type of animal and date of manufacture


- Breed
- Feeds used
- Number of birds per house
- Size of flock
- Housing (mobile or fixed)
- Dates eggs were laid

Baby and Children’s Food

Age range


Country of origin, grape varieties and vintage

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