Your question : Soil Assocation Organic Food Awards 2013

What criteria are the products judged against and how exactly will our products be judged?

All products will be removed from their packaging, coded and judged blind. Judges will score each product based on the way it looks, tastes, smells and feels. The only information that will be given to judges during the blind tasting is a basic name for the product, ingredients list and any specific information for some categories, for example the meat and poultry questionnaires.

If a product requires heating or cooking, this will be done prior to the judging, based on the instructions provided.

Meat and eggs will be judged visually in their raw state as well as tasted cooked; as will flour, which is judged raw as well as baked into a simple loaf of bread. If you feel your flour should be treated differently, you may submit a recipe. This should be clear and concise and chosen to best reflect the qualities of the flour.

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