Tea Palace

Tea Palace

For their Detox Herbal Infusion

Company profile

Tea Palace's Detox Herbal InfusionIn 2005 we opened one shop in Notting hill and since then we have grown, opening more shops, selling our products in department stores, 5* hotels and Michelin star restaurants.

Can you give a short background to the winning product?

We launched 'detox herbal infusion' last year as we felt the word 'detox' was banded about too much without there being any proven ingredients. Our tea has active, proven ingredients that help cleanse - and it's proven to be effective. We source all ingredients separately and carefully.  Only when we have the very best ingredients do we infuse them together in small batches by hand.

What does organic mean to you?

Organic to us means that we can sum up to our customers in one word that the product is free from additives and pesticides and is ethically responsible.

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