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For their Organic Manx Loaghtan mutton

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Langley Chase Organic Manx Loaghtan Mutton, credit Luke PotterAs a mother of four children I know how important it is to provide organic, high quality and traceable wholesome food. My aim is that Langley Chase enables customers to enjoy delicious rare breed, organic lamb and mutton that is low in fat and cholesterol, fully traceable and reasonably priced. I started the flock in reaction to the BSE crisis as I was concerned what my family was eating, where it came from and how it was reared. I also wanted to help save a rare breed. The rise of industrial farming and mass food production I feel has divorced people from a connection with real food, where it comes from and the land.

Can you give a short background to the winning product?

I was producing mutton right from the start as I believed it was a very versatile but unrecognised product. The term mutton normally refers to any sheep meat from an animal over two years old. We’re slightly different as our mutton stays on the farm for between 3-5 years. They run as a flock and graze on the best grasses and native species wildflower meadows. This herb rich diet gives them a delightful texture and depth of flavour. To enhance the flavour all our mutton meat is traditionally hung and butchered, giving a full and awarding winning taste.

Why are native breeds important?

The ancient rare breeds are important parts of British heritage. They are often more suited to habitats across the country than commercial breeds, more tasty to eat and often more healthy for you. We rear the Manx Loaghtan - a breed that is significantly lower in fat and cholesterol than commercial animals.

What does organic mean to you?

Organic is to me, the most important factor in food and farming. It provides a recognisable standard of the highest possible welfare for animals and the environment. I also think the organic movement’s philosophy of recognising the direct connection between food, health and the land is vitally important. I love being part of this movement, engaging with my customers, teaching school children and helping people understand the value of good food. My customers know the food I provide is pure and the land and flock that graze on it contain no chemicals, it is transparent and has traceability.

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