Langley Chase Organic Farm

Langley Chase Organic Farm

For its Organic Langley Chase Manx Loaghtan Mutton

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Langley Chase Organic Farm - Manx Loaghtan MuttonJane Kallaway of Langley Chase Organic Farm says “We are very proud to win this award as we are passionate about organic farming with its high welfare and traceability. It is the combination of an ancient rare breed on ancient permanent pasture, attention to detail and high health and welfare which gives our organic Langley Chase mutton and lamb the wonderful depth of flavour and colour in the meat. Everything is born and reared at Langley Chase.

"I started my Langley Chase flock about 15 years ago after BSE when I was shocked at the standard and welfare of livestock rearing and the quality of food. It was my aim to produce an organic traceable, healthy product reared with a high health and welfare standard and to be registered with the Soil Association. I know all my flock and enjoy every minute of the time spent rearing them and the tranquility of the fields.”

This mutton was described by our judges as being ‘Succulent with a shorter flavour and intense, sweet skin’.

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Runners up in the lamb category

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