Meet Natracare

Meet Natracare

We caught up with Susie Hewson, founder of Natracare, the internationally known organic feminine hygiene products and more recently organic face wipes.


How did Natracare get started?

Back in the 80’s, I learned horrifying truths about conventional sanitary protection and decided to get very unconventional! The result being that I created the very first organic and natural feminine hygiene category with Natracare as a campaign to call out to woman about undisclosed synthetics, plastics and chlorine bleaching processes in tampons and pads. Natracare tampons have been continuously certified organic since 1996 and the brand has been carrying the pioneering flag for over 27 years now putting the environment and women’s health first.

Move forward twenty odd years after a photo shoot in Korea and I had to use a makeup removal wipe given to me by a makeup artist. Within a few minutes, my face felt as if it was being burnt and the skin became very red. Despite gallons of water on my face, it took 24 hours for my skin to normalise.  I wanted to know what was in those wipes and it turned out that  similar ingredients are pretty much standard across all price ranges of conventional brands of cleansing makeup removal wipes and based on my own reaction, it was clear to me they needed to be a better alternative so I needed to fix this problem too. So I set about formulating an organic cotton cleansing makeup wipe and worked with the Soil Association to get them certified to the COSMOS Organic standard – it took two years to complete the certification and to achieve a clean and effective makeup removal wipe I could be proud of.

So why organic?

Natracare chooses to use organic cotton and ingredients because it is the best way to make sure that the products have the lowest impact on nature and delivers the best quality products. Choosing organic for your personal care products means you are proactively avoiding skin exposure to the many chemicals of concern used in everyday branded cosmetics and feminine hygiene that are not permitted in certified organic brands. Organic is an independent measure of a company and the product it makes.

What does the Soil Association mean to you?

It gives the organic industry validation and has earned the trust of consumers because of its independence and authority. The SA symbol carries with it a responsibility to be good stewards of nature and encourages innovation. Particularly within beauty and cosmetics the amount of false organic claims and greenwashing is out of control – so consumers can and should look for the logo.

What’s next for you and Natracare?

Natracare is the global leader for organic and natural period protection, and with the launch of our COSMOS certified cleansing makeup wipes landing on the beauty platform more recently, I am continuing to innovate within and on the margins of the category with new organic lines, some currently in review with the SA certification team. Hopefully I have developed Natracare’s reputation these past years in such a way that we can continue to expand our organic offering with success.

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