Switching To Organic Beauty

Switching To Organic Beauty

Lou Dartford is here to help you switch to organic beauty by making one small change this #organicbeautyweek




It can be a really daunting task to change your beauty regime over to an organic one. Chances are you’ve already got a favourite facial moisturiser or serum that you know and trust. You might have also just bought a new one or only be half way through it. Don’t worry, you don’t have to throw it all away. The fact that you’re thinking about cleaning up your routine is an amazing start.


When you first start to learn about organic beauty, there can often be a pressure from yourself to do everything at once. This really isn’t necessary - start of small and change just one thing or a few little things, then as you finish up your current products, you can start to introduce more organic beauty. This gives you a chance to try products individually and learn what works for your skin. It is also much kinder on your bank balance and makes it an easier transition.


One great thing to switch first is your body lotion. Think about how much surface area you cover with something like this – much more is absorbed into the body than an eye cream for example. It is possibly something that you might go through a bit quicker and also something that you might not be as attached to, therefore easier to change. Body lotions tend to be the lower priced products in a range, so also a great introduction to different brands.



Another great and really easy thing to switch is your cotton pads, buds and face wipes. This is something that most of us use everyday but probably don’t think too much about. Conventional cotton uses 16% of all insecticides used globally, do you really want to be ‘cleaning’ your face with that? Organic cotton avoids toxic fertilisers and pesticides, so is a much better option all round - for you, the environment and for the farmers who grow it.


Organic cotton wool pads are readily available so easy to incorporate into your routine.



An organic cotton muslin is another brilliant addition. Use it to clean your face, it will also gently exfoliate and help to make skin smoother and brighter. Then just pop it in the wash to be re-used again and again. If I’ve been wearing lots of eye make-up, I’ll tend to still use a cotton pad for my eyes otherwise you end up with greying muslin’s very quickly!