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Organic Lunchbox Essentials

Organic Lunchbox Essentials

Of all the chores that fill a parent's week, it’s often deciding what should go in their child's lunchbox every day that proves most difficult – finding food that's both healthy, tasty and appetizing for your kids can be a challenge, and doing so on a tight schedule and budget is no mean feat.

Organic switches are great way to break the cycle of soggy cheese and tomato sandwiches and sugary, stodgy snacks. Swapping to even one or two organic products, from fresh fruit and veg to tasty yoghurts or a few naturally sweetened treats can give those crucial meals a creative and healthy boost, often with minimal effort.

We’ve put together a list of some suggestions to get your kids’ new school year off to a flying start. What’s more, presenting some unusual and tasty new treats can be a great way to spark your child's interest in food.


School mornings can be notoriously stressful, but maximising your free time in the evenings can make a world of difference to your morning schedule. Sahar over at Earth & Spoon knows this only too well – as a mother of four, she swears by the benefits of overnight oats, a wholesome and nutritious alternative to hot porridge with endless variations that your kids will love.

Make up Sahar’s Peanut Butter and Banana overnight oats with your kids after dinner for a quick and easy way to get them creatively engaged with their food, giving you an easier start to your mornings. Alternatively, check out some of these tasty breakfast recipes from last year's Wake Up To Organic campaign.

Bowl of Oats Soaked overnight with frozen raspberries, banana and flaked almonds.

Breaktime & Sneaky Snacks

The team over at Rebel Kitchen have been making a name for themselves with their dairy-free Mylks. Now running a range of Little Rebels, from Orange Chocolate to Banana and Vanilla, these nutritious coconut drinks are perfect for your young one's morning break.

Similarly, we love these pineapple and mango smoothies from Pip Organics. With no added nasties, and not from concentrate, these are a fun and colourful addition of pure fruit to a lunch box.

For a healthy morning snack or a cheeky post-lunch dessert, we love this recipe from Claire at 5 O’Clock Apron. Another mum amongst us, Claire swears by these chocolate, sour cream and rye muffins as a low-sugar treat for your little ones.

 Muffin in Lunchbox with Peas and Apple


The distinctive red wax coat of Babybels have long been a staple sight in school lunchboxes. The great news is, if you’re looking to go organic this September, Babybel have just released a fully certified organic range! Sourced from farms local to their base in Sable-sur-Sarthe, these vegetarian cheesy snacks keep their same, famous flavour, whilst remaining Non GM, artificial additive-free, with the highest standards of animal welfare.

The West Country family behind Lye Cross Farm also make these delicious Mini Cheddar Sticks that are a perfect lunchtime addition. 

A bag of lye cross cheddar with individually wrapped cheese sticks displayed

Fresh, organic produce is one of the easiest ways to make the switch for your kids lunchboxes. Carrots, cucumber and pepper can all be quickly sliced up into batons, and with a dip of hummus on the side, you've got a quick and tasty organic lunch that won’t cost the earth.

A cold pasta salad also makes for a great lunch that’s easy to prepare in bulk for those with more than one lunch to put together. Tideford offer a tasty range of organic, vegan pestos, from fresh green pepper and coriander, to the rich and tasty sundried tomato.


Staving off any afternoon tummy-rumbles, a healthy dessert is the secret to keeping your kids fuelled throughout the afternoon before dinner. In a handy six pack, Yeo Valley's raspberry and apricot Little Yeos fit perfectly in a lunch box, whilst Organix offer an excellent range of healthy snacks for kids, try out these soft, oaty carrot cake bars.

Organix Carrot Cake Bar packaging]

If you're interested in making the switch, eating organic doesn't have to cost the earth. Packing leftovers, prepping the night before and buying in bulk are great ways to save both time and money.

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