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Volunteer for our 2024 Out to Lunch campaign!

Volunteer for our 2024 Out to Lunch campaign!

Would you like to join our army of secret diners helping to improve children’s food at high-street restaurant chains?

Out to Lunch is our ongoing secret diner campaign that’s improving the standards of children’s food options throughout the UK. Kids' meals can be poor fare - high in ultra-processed products, lacking in fresh fruit and veg, and high in salt, fat and sugars. That’s why we launched Out to Lunch - it’s part of our wider mission to transform the way we eat, by raising the bar for what’s expected of kid’s meals.

From previous campaigns, we’ve seen an increase in fruit and veg served, more vegetarian and vegan options, deforestation pledges and chains looking at sugar levels in childrens' desserts. This year we’ll be examining where restaurants are sourcing their produce from, antibiotic usage in restaurant supply chains and more.

We’re looking for parents of under 12s throughout the UK to volunteer for our Out to Lunch campaign. You’ll be taking your kids to restaurants and marking the children’s menu on sustainability, freshness, welfare and healthiness. We’ll pay for your kids’ meals!

Help us to transform how kids eat - become a secret diner! Deadline 31/05/24

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