This winter, help change children's food for good

We believe every child has the right to a healthy, delicious and sustainable school meal. That’s why, with your support today, we’re determined to expand our successful Food for Life programme across the country.

Healthy, sustainable, affordable food. What a gift that would be to our children.

What's the issue?

The first years of a child’s diet are fundamentally important. What they eat affects their physical and mental development, and shapes how they will relate to food for the rest of their life.

So it’s alarming that the UK has one of the worst records in Europe on childhood obesity and ultra-processed diets. By the time our children start school, one in four is overweight. 

In short, our food system is broken for the young – and it has to change.

With the cost-of-living crisis deepening, this matters more than ever. Rampant inflation means that families’ food bills are rocketing, rising at the fastest rate in decades.

Millions are struggling to put good, healthy food on the table. It means that, for many children, a school lunch is the only hot, healthy meal they receive every day.

What is the Soil Association doing to help?

Soil Association's Food for Life works with caterers in over 50% of primary schools in England and Scotland, helping them to put good food at the centre of children’s lives.

We’ve achieved extraordinary things already. Two million meals served daily under the ‘Food for Life Served Here’ banner. That’s 400 million meals every year verified as being freshly prepared with sustainable, traceable ingredients.

We’re now pushing for Government proposals go ahead to build on the decade-long achievements of Food for Life to ensure that all children have balanced, wholesome diets with access to sustainable food in English schools.

2000000 meals are served daily under the 'Food for Life Served Here' banner.

Molly, aged 10, says:

”I love the food our school serves now. It’s so fresh and green. I don’t feel as tired in the afternoons, and I like how it’s better for the planet.”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were millions more Mollys across the UK, all reaping the rewards of a fresh, healthy, sustainable diet?

£20 could help more children like Molly to eat better, feel better and have more energy for their studies.

£30 could help us put pressure on the Government to expand the provision of free school meals to more children.

£50 could help sign up another school to Food for Life, so hundreds of Mollys can get a hot, nutritious meal every school day

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