Help us work to end the intensive farming of pigs

Around the world, millions of pigs are kept inside in noisy, confined spaces, where their natural instincts to root and forage are severely constrained. And because we import so much cheap meat from abroad, there is a continued pressure for many UK farmers to use more intensive systems in order to compete. 

With your support today, we can help farmers move towards a kinder, nature-friendly way of pig farming.

Confined. Distressed. Diseased. Life shouldn’t be this miserable for pigs

The cramped conditions on intensive farms inevitably lead to a wide range of distressing problems for pigs: 

  • Stressed and frustrated, pigs can develop behavioural problems like tail-biting so that many suffer having their tails docked and teeth clipped 
  • Close confinement means disease can spread more easily, leading to high use of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance, both in animals and humans
  • Sows are confined in metal-barred farrowing crates to give birth. These crates are so cramped, the sows can’t turn around or care properly for their young
  • Piglets are taken away from their mothers after just a few weeks, causing distress to the piglets

“At the Soil Association, we’re doing all we can to help farmers move to higher welfare ways of pig farming.”

Kate Still
Head of Farming Programmes

The Soil Association is helping farmers move to organic and more nature-friendly way of farming, where pigs have the freedom to roam and express their natural behaviours. 

  • We are campaigning to stop cheap imports of pork from countries with poor animal welfare standards in order to protect UK farmers and allow them the space to use more nature-friendly farming methods 
  • When we farm organically, pigs are less frustrated and aggressive, so painful procedures like tail-docking aren’t needed

  • Sows have room to build nests and give birth in a less stressful, more natural environment. Less cramped living conditions reduce the spread of disease and the use of antibiotics

  • By enabling farmers to plant more trees and shrubs, we are supporting the soil and allowing pigs to root and forage

If you want to see a world where pigs are free to roam and live happier, healthier lives, please support us with a gift today.


£75 could help support our campaigning to stop cheap imports of pork from countries with poor animal welfare standards in order to protect UK farmers

£50 could help give farmers the advice and support they need to adopt nature-friendly and organic farming methods, so that high animal welfare standards become the norm

£25 could help us encourage farmers to plant more trees, hedges and shrubs that will protect the soil and provide a more natural environment for pigs to thrive