First ever Catering Mark-awarded product kitchen

New product kitchen with Catering Mark

by Rich Watts, Catering Mark Senior Manager

On the 19th April I was proud to be invited to an unusual Catering Mark award handover in Bristol.

Eden Foodservice have built a New Product Development kitchen at a venue in the heart of the city and are the first caterer to have a Catering Mark awarded for such a venue. I was joined on the 19th April by Eden Managing Director Paul Salisbury and the Mayor of Bristol George Ferguson to sample some of the first food produced in the kitchen and hand over the Catering Mark plaque.

However it was none of the above that were the stars of the show. The real stars on the day were the pupils from Elmlea Junior School who were taking part in an interactive cooking session in the kitchen, making pizzas and learning about food from the Head Chef at the new facility. Their enthusiasm for food and learning (and eating pizza) was a reminder to everyone present about why we do what we do and work so hard to deliver Catering Mark standard food.

Elmlea School are just the first of many schools that will receive cooking sessions from Eden in Bristol and I’m even trying to convince Paul to let the Catering Mark team come and have a go too – what a great team building experience!

Here’s a photo of me handing over the Bronze Catering Mark to Paul Salisbury.


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