The EU referendum - looking forward

The EU referendum

[First posted July 2016]

The political turmoil of the last few weeks has seen some big changes as to the future of our nation both economically, politically and socially. Despite the uncertainty it has been fantastic to witness Catering Mark holders continued commitment to deliver high standards of food in schools, hospitals, universities, workplaces and more across the nation.

As we move into the post referendum period, there will undoubtedly be major changes and we are committed to working closely with all of our award holders to help shape the future of food served outside of the home in the UK. We can maintain and build upon the positive food change that we have already made.

Over the coming months, we’ll be keeping you updated on developments and insights as we learn about them and on our work to ensure that we, as the Catering Mark team and Soil Association Certification, support you in this uncertain period.

Please do share your concerns and thoughts on any opportunities with me and our team of Development Managers and Certification Officers. Whilst definitive answers on many of the key issues are still some way off, you can help shape our research, response and action over the coming months. We need your input to help our influencing and thinking. Ultimately it will help to guide our policy ‘asks’ and to create an award that improves food for both caterer and consumer.

We will of course keep you updated on our own actions and the insight and information that relevant bodies within the sector are sharing with us. In the meantime, please do have a read through some of the actions below that the Soil Association is already taking following the referendum.

Many thanks,

Martin Sawyer
Chief Executive, Soil Association Certification

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