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Gold standard Free Range Pork and Poultry

Gold standard Free Range Pork & Poultry

Are you looking for Free Range Pork and Poultry to help with your Gold Catering Mark application?

If you’re a caterer looking to achieve the Gold award you’ll need to demonstrate that you purchase Free Range Pork or Poultry. As we know that this can often be challenging we have created a list of all of the Catering Mark suppliers who are able to help.

Did you know that if you buy organic pork, poultry or egg you can achieve double points? They products will score you points towards your organic spend and free range as well. We have also included organic suppliers within the list, please contact cateringmarksuppliers@soilassociation.org if you have any questions.

(Please note, it is the responsibility of the caterer to check meat products are compliant with Catering Mark standards)

Creed Foodservice

Freedom Food Boneless Leg of Pork 
Freedom Food Boneless Loin of Pork
Freedom Food Boneless Shoulder of Pork 
Freedom Food Diced Pork
Freedom Food Minced Pork
Freedom Food Pork Loin Steak 
Freedom Food Pork T Bone Chop 
Freedom Food Pork Tenderloin 
Freedom Food Roll Boneless Belly Pork  
Fresh Pork Sausages
Contact: Ben Logan
07889 457052

DB Foods

Organic pork and RSPCA Freedom Foods pork
Contact: Mark Hinton

Eastbrooke Farm

Organic Pork
Organic Pork Hotdog & Sausages
Organic Bacon
Contact: Vicky McNicholas
01793 790460

Green Gourmet

Organic Pork Sausage
Organic Pork Meatballs 
Contact: Neil Humphrises

Higher Hacknell

Organic Chicken
Organic Pork
Contact: www.higherhacknell.co.uk

Houghton Hams

Free Range Pork
Free Range Ham
Free Range Bacon
Free Range Gammon
Free Range Pork Sausages (Gluten Free)
Contact: Nigel Wagstaff
01604 644247

Lower Hurst Organic

Free Range Pork
Contact: Nicky Stonebridge
01298 84900


Free Range and Outdoor reared/bred pork
Contact: Tony Goodger
0116 274 1300

Rhug Estates

Organic Poultry & Organic Pork
Contact: Joan Redmond
01490 413 000

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