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Not only are Catering Mark Supplier Bidvest chaining their name to Bidfood, but this pioneering business has also recently announced the launch of its latest Food for Life Catering Mark report. With information collected from around 700 of their suppliers via ‘new line forms’, Bidfood’s newly released tool covers nearly 10,000 food products.  New line forms allow suppliers to provide product data on financials, logistics, dietary requirements and allergens, all of which is cleaned at source using “in the cloud” computing.

In an effort to ensure that the report contains the most comprehensive and accurate product data,  Bidfood also ask suppliers to check, validate and update all their product data (for example,  due to formulation changes) on a six monthly basis. Additional data is also collected when required, to keep the report current.  For example updates to Marine Conservation Society (MCS) fish ratings. Current certificates are also be requested from suppliers, to back up product claims such as organic, halal, kosher, MSC or Red Tractor. 

The new report is very much a tool designed to support both suppliers and customers. As Bidfood’s Head of Technical Services, Martin Grant explains,  “At Bidfood we are always looking for ways to make our customers lives easier and with our Food for Life Catering Mark Report we believe we can quickly and easily support our customers to achieve the Catering Mark standards. From access to product ranges that meet the various standards to being able to see how their purchases are helping them perform in all areas, customers from all sectors can access and benefit from this report, ultimately helping ensure the standard of food available to consumers continues to improve in the out of home sector”

Find out more at the Bidfood website here.

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