Update On Revised Silver and Gold Standards

Revised Silver and Gold Standards

The revised silver and gold Making Healthy Eating Easy standards have been approved by the Soil Association’s Board of Trustees. Alongside these revisions, Trustees also approved two new sets of standards: To reward caterers who avoid or use more sustainable palm oil for cooking, in confectionary and baked goods; and to recognise those who serve ethical and organic soft drinks.

The new and revised standards will be launched in the 2018 edition of the Food for Life Served Here handbook in February. All caterers will have until September 2018 to comply with the new and revised standards.

The Making Healthy Eating Easy standards have been revised to bring them more into line with Public Health priorities. The updated standards are designed to be more stretching and ambitious, while recognising caterers who take significant steps to make their menus healthier, ensuring they are rewarded accordingly.

The proposed additional points for serving organic and fairly traded drinks, and avoiding or using more sustainable palm oil aim to increase the sustainability credentials of Food for Life Served Here menus, in line with feedback from caterers. They will also make more points available towards the silver and gold awards.

The revised points and new standards were piloted with caterers from every sector in which the scheme operates. As a result, we are confident that you will be able to retain your existing silver or gold award when you switch to the updated standards. Support will be available from the business development team to help with this, if needed.

Full details of the new and updated standards will be available in February when the 2018 handbooks will be launched. If you have any queries before then, please contact your Development Manager or Certification Officer.