New requirements for export to Italy from 3rd April 2021

New requirements for export to Italy

We've just been informed of a new requirement for imports of organic product into Italy, which will unfortunately affect some imports from GB to Italy, from Saturday 3rd April.

The Italian government has published a decree, which requires sampling and testing of all batches of the following organic products imported into Italy from non-EU countries:

  • Product type: Processed fruit: juices/purees; Oil crops: sunflower, linseed, soybeans; Cereals: wheat, quinoa; Coffee
    Country of origin/Country of export: Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Egypt, India, Peru, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey
    Origin of the batch: Any product where the country of export is not the country of origin of the goods

According to the decree, control bodies must sample and analyse all batches of organic products at the customs of arrival before the batch is released for free circulation for imports from non-EU countries.

We'll release an update once we have further clarification. 

We've informed Defra, and have asked for the UK government's support and engagement on this - for a section already struggling with the substantial challenges of Brexit, this is another blow.