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New Excellence Training dates available

New Excellence Training dates available

We're excited to announce that we've received a further generous contribution from the Richard Shuttleworth Remembrance Trust towards Phase 2 of our innovative ‘Excellence for Forest Certification Training Programme’.

This means we will be running more ‘Responsible Forest Management and Sustainable Forest Product Supply Chains’ courses in the UK in 2019, as well as rolling out the programme to other locations, with East Africa and the Mekong Delta as the current priorities for regional courses.

UK dates:

  • 25th March – 5th April 2019
  • 4th November – 15th November 2019  

More dates to be announced for 2020.

The Programme will assist with:

  • Understanding the wider context for responsible forest management and sustainable supply chains
  • Accessing markets for responsibly produced products
  • Protecting high conservation values, biodiversity, water resources and soils
  • Social responsibility to indigenous peoples, local communities and those employed in the forest sector
  • Voluntary forestry standards, certification and assessment/auditing

The programme will help participants to achieve this by:

  • Looking at the global issues affecting forests, forest governance and the latest developments in sustainability thinking
  • Considering, in detail, the different components that make up good forest governance and responsible forest management
  • Focusing on the crucial role of voluntary forestry standards and certification as practical tools for sustainability
  • Using a mixture of e-learning, residential courses, field projects and peer-to-peer networking

Find out more on our training pages.