Preview the Organic Standards update

Preview the Organic Standards update

The Soil Association is pleased to share with you its updated organic standards, which will soon be more straightforward, transparent and as clear as possible for organic businesses to use, and for the public to understand. The Soil Association has recently completed a review of their food and farming standards to be certain that what we, as Soil Association Certification, ask our licensees to do makes a big difference to our natural world, the quality of life for farm animals and the organic food we eat. In April 2019, the Soil Association organic standards will be launched in a new, user-friendly format, which you can now preview online.

The updated standards are accompanied by helpful guidance and say why Soil Association organic standards go beyond the legal organic requirements in key areas, such as animal welfare, conserving the environment, safeguarding antibiotics, and protecting the interests of organic consumers. We will also give licensees more freedom to innovate, and develop new and better ways to meet the organic standards.

These updates have been scrutinised by independent committees of experts and almost 800 people who responded to the consultations. There is a strong mandate from the public, farmers and the food industry, who have helped shape the standards and the vision for what they can achieve. We are grateful to all who contributed to this process.
Is this linked to Brexit?
No - the Soil Association started to review its organic standards long before Brexit negotiations started. However, we are ready to make any changes needed to respond to new legal or policy outcomes related to Brexit. Our key current priority is to mitigate the impact Brexit will have on the organic sector. You can find out more about our approach to Brexit.
If you have questions, please get in touch with the Standards team.

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