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Our reaction to a no-deal Brexit

Our reaction to a no-deal Brexit

The government recently published a series of technical notices on what could happen if there is a 'no-deal' Brexit. We spoke widely in the press, as the impact on organic - should there be no deal - is significant and the technical notices offer no further clarity to businesses, and provide neither reassurance, nor advice on how to prepare for a potential ‘no-deal’ scenario. As The Grocer (25th August) points out, organic is back in growth, and sustaining that growth and uncertainty like this does nothing to support the industry. The technical notice and our full response are available here.

For anyone who might have missed the coverage, you can also read Martin Sawyer's comments in The Grocer and see Helen Browning on Newsnight.

We're doing all we can to lobby at both UK and EU levels - we strongly encourage licensees to contact their local MP to explain the risks to their business and to ask their MP to raise their concerns directly with relevant UK ministers in the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs and the Department for Exiting the EU. We’d also encourage licensees with European parent companies to lobby at EU level, too.

To ensure the latest information is available to licensees, businesses will be able to find the latest updates on our Brexit & Organic Certification page and specific access options on our Export Certification Support page.