Providing clarity on Brexit and organic

Providing clarity on Brexit and organic

With ongoing concerns around organic trade in the post-Brexit environment, we know it’s important to keep the organic sector up-to-date on all developments.  

Having now received confirmation that the Brexit implementation period agreed in March will not be confirmed until October, we are working hard to find access solutions to cover all eventualities. This means that in addition to continuing work on contingency solutions for ongoing access to key markets such as the US, we have also begun the process of lobbying at EU level for future regulatory harmony.

To assist both the UK and EU in making progress on acceptance, we believe it is important to make the case for clarity on the future status of the UK in respect of organic regulations. We fully understand the urgent need to set a clear direction, to enable both us and our licensees to plan effectively. Setting out the case for clarity will begin with the EU Civil Dialogue Group, which includes key EU organic policy groups, particularly the EOCC and IFOAM.

To ensure the latest information is available to licensees, businesses will be able to find the latest updates on our Brexit & Organic Certification page and specific access options on our Export Certification Support page.