Survey for 2021 Organic Market Report

We need your help to inform the 2021 Organic Market Report

Soil Association Certification’s annual Organic Market Report is a unique and widely read document that helps our clients, brands and retailers to plan their future strategy for the growth of organic. We get very accurate food and drink sales data from the Nielsen’ tracking of supermarkets, and this year we will also be surveying shoppers as part of our beauty report; however, your input is also extremely important so that we can get a more complete view of the size of the total organic market, and all channels through which organic is sold. 

The more responses we get from you, the more robust and insightful stats we can share in the final report.
Please complete the relevant Organic Market Report survey(s) - it should only take 5 minutes. Your answers will be collated, along with other responses, to estimate the trends in the market during 2020. Individual responses will not be shared without prior permission. Once the 2021 Organic Market Report is launched in February, all licensees will be entitled to a FREE copy (normal price £100 + VAT), and independent retailers who fill out the survey will also receive a free copy. In addition, the Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Market Report, which offers a comprehensive view of the beauty and wellbeing market specifically, will be available to download online for free for all.

Choose from the links below to complete the survey that best fits your business:

A shopping basket filled with organic food products, including Clipper teabags and a Clive's Pie Homity pie, with the phrase "Food & Drink Processors/Manufacturers" over the top



A photo of a woman in a striped shirt picking up a bottle of red wine from a shelf in a shop with the phrase "Independent Retailers" over the top



A photo of a flatlay of organic food products laid out on decorative fabric on a table with the phrase "Home Delivery Operators" over the top



A photo of someone ladling gravy over a roast dinner in a catering environment with the phrase "Foodservice Operators" over the top



A photo of a flatlay of flowers, including pink and yellow roses, on a grey background with the phrase "Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Brands" over the top