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What is the role of innovation in a resource constrained future?

Ed Dowding - 02 March 2012

Ed DowdingThe amount of change and turmoil in the world at the moment is pretty darned terrifying; and our collective insistence on pursuing a viscious cycle of destruction when we are surrounded by SO MANY opportunities to change this is nothing short of tragic.

Today's Soil Association conference started to address these questions. Ann Pettifor opened calling for CITIZENS to 'occupy the food system'.

But how does one do this in a world which so enormously favours those who externalise their costs, those who already have scale and access to capital, and those who profit from diminishing the capacity of the plane to support life?

The same way EVERY change happens: a coalition of the willing. Join together, share knowledge, share resources, connect for impact, and support those who make sacrifices.

It seems that plenty of small food businesses see themselves as competitors. And whilst this is of course sometimes true, we all share a far larger, more important goal: that of a sustainable future.

In a resource constained future - a future which has fewer resources to play with - it is evident that collaboration is going to be a critical component for our success.

Make it part of your life as soon as you can.  

Gratutious Gladiator quote from Maximus:

[deep voice, biceps]

You can help me. Whatever comes out of these gates, we've got a better chance of survival if we work together. Do you understand? If we stay together we survive.

Ed is a system analyst and designer, strategist, writer, campaigner, permaculturist, web developer, and occasional TV farmer and sheep wrangler.

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