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We’re delighted to welcome you as a new member of the Soil Association - thank you so much for joining us and supporting our work. 

Your membership is supporting the work we do to pioneer a healthy world; a world where affordable, healthy food we can trust is available to everyone.

With the support of members like you, the Soil Association is making a positive impact on the way our food is grown – with health, the environment and wildlife in mind. You are helping us continue to:
• Lobby the government to strengthen the existing regulations against the use of weedkillers like Glyphosate on food crops.
• Campaign against neonicotinoid pesticide use and other wildlife-damaging farming practises.
• Improve the quality of food served by schools and hospitals, with over 1.2 million certified Food for Life catering mark meals now served every day.
• Work with innovative farmers and growers to develop climate-friendly ways to farm.

With best wishes,

Georgina McLeod
Director of Communications

Are you looking for other ways to support a greener and fairer future for our planet? Choosing the Soil Association’s partners could be your next step towards supporting a better future, for all of us.

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