Farmbench for Organic Farmers

Farmbench for Organic Farmers

AHDB has allocated funding to support a number of organic farms to complete Farmbench—and has appointed the Soil Association to assist farmers with the process.

What is Farmbench?

AHDB’s Farmbench is a web-based tool that can help you get to grips with your farm costs by highlighting your business strengths and weaknesses and allows you to make informed decisions.

Our industry will experience significant change over the coming years and the knock-on effect for your business is exposure to fluctuating prices, currency swings and adverse weather events, to name but a few. Your ability to protect your business by managing these risks and building resilience will become more and more important if you want to remain competitive.

Farmbench allows you to input your own data and—importantly—split your costs between all the enterprises you have on your farm. Costs can be split between beef, sheep, potato and arable enterprises, with dairy and sugar beet now also available. This generates a report for each of your farm enterprises and breaks down the costs to show exactly what you are spending and where. 

The next step is to compare where you are with AHDB on-farm business groups where you can safely share aggregated and anonymised data.

Once you have this level of information about your costs you can start to make confident and informed decisions about the future direction of your business.

Farmbench Support from the Soil Association  

AHDB is funding the Soil Association to support a number of organic farms to complete Farmbench and meet together to assess possible improvements in farm business.

Although there are less inputs into organic systems, cost management remains the best way to maximise profit. The ability to compare/discuss with other like-minded businesses is an ideal way to move your own business forward. An existing arable benchmarking group discusses variety choice, seed rates, rotations and fertility building strategies, as well as the economics and all feel more confident in the decision-making process on their own farm as a result.

If you would like help to complete Farmbench—and join this new learning group—please contact the Soil Association's Paul Flynn on or 07506 942746 or Jerry Alford on or 07917 671738.