World Worm Week 2019

It's World Worm Week!

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It’s World Worm Week, so set aside some time to grab a space and count earthworms on your farms and holdings!

Dr. Jackie Stroud, an agricultural soil scientist based at Rothamsted Research, is inviting farmers and growers across the UK to take part in World Worm Week, a nationwide assessment of soil health.

All you need is a spade! world worm week

Last year, farmers surveyed over 3,000 hectares across the UK. All you need is a spade and 30-60 minutes of your time!

The survey requires you to dig a handful of small soil pits (about 20cm x 20cm x 20cm) and to count the number of worms in each small pit, categorising them into three earthworm types. You can report your findings online and contribute to a national picture of soil health.

Find out more

Dr. Stroud has created several useful practical online tools, including the World Worm Week Farmland Earthworm Assessment Guide, which explains what to do—and how to register your findings. 

You’ll find the Guide, along with a video demonstration and earthworm identification quiz, at www.wormscience.org. 

Online results entry will be posted at www.wormscience.org between the 23rd March - 5th April 2019. Get out there and dig!