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Green manures field lab

Green manures field lab, Thankerton

Thursday 2nd March, Thankerton (afternoon)

Green manures should be good for your crops. And they should be good for your soil. But how do they actually do this, and do they make enough of a difference to justify their cost? There are a lot of different green manure seed mixtures that can be sown. Which ones work best?

This field lab will look at four different mixtures and compare how well they establish, grow, and improve the soil. And most importantly, what effect will they have on crop yield? Some green manures can help a farm business comply with its Greening requirement, and can also be an AECS option. So there are now a lot of reasons for farmers to grow them.

This will be the first meeting we have held about our new field lab.

Free of charge to farmers and land managers (£40.00 plus VAT to others). Booking is essential as places will go quickly.

For further information please contact David on 07718 570 946 or or complete a booking form.