Soil Association Certification expands to Asia Pacific alongside Australian Certified Organic (ACO)

Soil Association Certification expands to Asia Pacific alongside Australian Certified Organic

19 July 2012

Soil Association Certification and ACO are pleased to announce their partnership in organic textiles.

From July 2012, ACO are the preferred partner to undertake inspections and provide customer service to the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) on behalf of Soil Association Certification in Australia and parts of Asia Pacific. This partnership will ensure there is a highly respected local organisation in the Asia Pacific region to undertake GOTS inspections in an efficient, competent and economical manner.

Although there are around 3000 businesses certified to GOTS in over 55 countries, growth in Australia and New Zealand has been held back. Many businesses in the region have expressed an interest in certification, but the lack of a local certification body to provide this service has been a limiting factor.

Georgina Thomas, Soil Association Textiles Manager, comments:
“This is a significant development which has the potential to grow the market for organic textiles in the Asia Pacific region. ACO and Soil Association Certification are a natural fit: both are essentially not-for-profit organisations linked to charities which work to develop organic standards and support the organic market.”

ACO technical officer Jorge Larranaga says:
“This partnership will provide ACO the opportunity to market international organic textile certification in Asia Pacific alongside Soil Association Certification, offering an alternative service that is not for profit, and based on organic principles."

The Soil Association charity is a founding member and quarter owner of Global Standard GmBH which owns the GOTS standards.

ACO will be announcing this relationship at the Sustain natural and organic show in Sydney on 20 July 2012.


For more information contact the Soil Association press office or BFA media:
Clio Turton, press office manager, 0117 914 2448
Kathy Cogo, BFA media, +61 7 4771 3714 or +61 466 015 183

For information on Soil Association Certification:
Georgina Thomas, Textiles Manager, 0117 9142411,

For information on ACO:
Jorge Larranaga, Senior Certification Officer, +61 7 3350 5706 ext 231,

Editor Notes:

Read more about organic textiles at

About the Soil Association and Soil Association Certification
Soil Association Certification Ltd is the largest organic certification body in the UK, with almost 30 years experience. We operate a rigorous system, and our trusted symbol ensures high confidence in the integrity of products approved by us. Today, we certify 70-80% of organic farming and food processing in the UK. As a not-for-profit business, any surplus income we make is gift-aided to the Soil Association charity to raise awareness, develop and safeguard the entire organic sector.
The Soil Association played a leading role in the development of the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) and is a quarter owner of Global Standard GmbH which manages the GOTS standards.
For further information visit

About ACO
Australian Certified Organic (thereafter “ACO”) is Australia’s premier auditing, certifying, and licensing company of organic and biodynamic operators. ACO certification covers producers, processors, wholesalers, packers, retailers and restaurants located in Australia, but also overseas.
Certification with ACO allows operators to utilise the well-known ‘Bud’ logo along with the words ‘Australian Certified Organic’ on their organic products once certified. The Bud logo is currently Australia’s best recognised organic mark, and it also has a high level of recognition in Asia pacific.
ACO maintains conformance with most leading international organic standards (NOP, EU, JAS, COR and Korea), and administers a rigorous standard for organic production including textile and cosmetics certification among other areas, namely the Australian Certified Organic Standard -published by ACO parent company Biological Farmers of Australia.
For further information visit

About GOTS
The Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) are organic standards for textile processing. In 2002 the Global Standards GmbH was founded by IVN (Germany), Soil Association (UK), JOCA (Japan) and the OTA (USA) with the aim to harmonise the various regional approaches to organic standards and to develop a set of Global Standards. The standards were launched in 2006 and there are now around 3000 businesses certified by 15 certification bodies in over 55 countries. In 2011 the GOTS were officially recognised by the USDA for textile products labeled as organic. For further information visit

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