Know Your Organic Roots

For generations we have worked with nature to grow good food while creating havens for buzzing, singing wildlife – not only on farms but right in our back gardens.

This spring we're getting back to our roots and would love you to join us in celebrating the power of nature. 


We Can Create A Food System Fit For The Future

We have forgotten many of nature’s lessons and our natural world is now under threat. This disconnect from nature has led to pesticide use, over consumption and habitat loss. But by listening to the lessons we can learn from nature and by working with the natural world we will suc-seed in creating a food system fit for the future.

Why Should Children Know Their Roots?

As children many of us remember running wild through forests, the feeling of soil between our fingers as we plant seeds and impatiently watch them grow into delicious tomatoes. For us nature was a key protagonist in our childhood.

However, research has shown that children of today have less contact with the natural world than ever before. Did you know that 60% of children are spending less time outdoors than their parents? We need children to experience and connect with nature if they are to love and protect our planet.

5 Ways To Get Involved At Home

If you want to know your organic roots, there are plenty of things you can do at home.

Here are our top five tips: 1) Take the thyme to grow at home. 2) Share and pass on your favourite family traditions 3) Shop for certified organic food 4) Join us and help the next generation know their roots 5) Experi-mint and cook your own produce at home


Why Should You Get To Know Your Roots?

It isn't just children who can benefit from getting to know their roots, we all can. An abundance of  traditions, remedies, recipes and lessons have been passed down through the generations so we can share with the next.

This campaign is a call to arms to ensure that the important lessons of previous generations are not lost. So get involved and ask your parents, ask your grandparents, tell your children and grandchildren, and share your family traditions, recipes and anything else you can think of with each other using #KnowYourOrganicRoots. 

Food For Life

Soil Association’s Food for Life’s programme works with schools and nurseries to help children get outside, learn where their food comes from and to grow, cook and eat fresh, healthy produce. Working across the UK, Food for Life is making a big impact on children’s relationship with food, with pupils in Food for Life schools twice as likely to eat five a day and a third less likely to eat no fruit or vegetables than those in comparison schools.

Soil Association, Food for Life and Pukka Herbs are teaming up for the Know Your Organic Roots campaign to give children in urban areas the opportunity to grow their own herbs at school, plus a set of resources designed to reconnect them with nature by kick-start their herb growing journey.


60 % The Number Of Children Spending Less Time Outdoors Than Their Parents

We're excited to see what you've all been growing!

5 Herbs To Use At Home

Have you been inspired to get your hands dirty and start growing with your kids, your grandparents or even by yourself at home? We have put together a handy guide to the 5 herbs that Pukka have sent to schools for Grandparent Gardening week so that you can grow and cook along at home.

Stories From The Farm

Nature isn’t a monoculture; It isn’t a field made up of one type of grass; or a landscape devoid of trees and hedges. Nature is diverse and this same diversity is at the heart of organic principles. 

Lou, who runs Bengrove Market Garden, graduated from the Soil Association’s Future Growers scheme and is now applying that learning to her new growing business.


7 Hedgerow Herbs You Can Forage For Free

The wildflowers, shrubs and herbs within our hedges provide nourishment for our most beautiful wildlife, but did you know that they can also be used in the kitchen?

Make Your Own Organic Lavender Balm

Herbs: Grow Your Own

Celebrate nature in your everyday life and get into your garden and start growing with your family. Here's our pick of 5 easy herbs you can grow and use at home.

Celebrating The Power Of Nature With Pukka Herbs

This year we're working with Pukka to change the world one cup of organic tea at a time.

Join us and celebrate the power of nature in your everyday lives. Discover the treasures that are hidden within our hedgerows, fill your garden to the brim with fragrant herbs and use them to cook up a delicious treat for your whole family. 

How To Use Aromatherapy At Home

Support Organic Farming Methods

When you buy organic, you can guarantee that farmers are working with nature to grow your food. Research shows that the average, plant, insect and bird life is 50% more abundant on organic farms. So, if you want to support organic farming methods when doing your weekly shop or buying presents for loved ones, look out for the logo and choose organic. #KnowYourOrganicRoots

Recipe: Foraged Nettle Gnocchi With Garlic Pesto

Join Us And Ensure A Food System Fit For Our Future

Together we can change the way we eat and farm for good.
With you behind us we can make bold, ambitious steps towards real change for the benefit of our children, countryside and wildlife.


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